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Love is life

And I love my life I love to live because I live to love you.You are my love And you are my life.

Not all conspiracies are bad

As I found out myself When our hearts and nature worked in unison to ensnare us into a sweet trap.Two hearts came together, two souls united And our love was born.

Tonight... ...look up at the sky and try to count the stars. If you succeed, I would congratulate you. If you fail, Accept that you can never gauge my endless love for you.

Once there was nothing

Now...the world means something My life seems to have a meaning I seem to like everything And love means more than anything Because you are there for me darling!

Among the countless dreams I had

A beautiful one came true When I fell in love And gave my heart to you.Life has, since, changed in a thousand ways Be mine forever, as I am yours...always...