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Hmmm .

I'm not a perfect person There's many things I wish I didn't do But I continue learning I never meant to do those things to you And so, I have to say before I goThat I just want you to know .I've found a reason for me To change who I used to be A reason to start over new And the reason is you.I'm sorry that I hurt you It's something I must live with everyday And all the pain I put you through I wish that I could take it all away And be the one who catches all your tears That's why I need you to hear.I've found a reason for me To change who I used to be A reason to start over new And the reason is you.

Alololo :D

HAHA , to mylitpetsys fika pendek, siannn diaa taww . cz tdy dia jatuhhh , OPOCOTTT ! time kat surau , haih , kau jalan mcm mana dekk . yelaa mcm mana tk jatuh time to HUJAN -.-' siannn adek aku . tk tentu pasal dia cry like baby , bigbaby please dunt cry . nanannanana . :DD
act aku dah pujuk pendek to , saje jeh buat lawak kat dia , sengih2 lakk . balek ruma kena balut tgn dia to . gedikkk :P

Sweet Words of Love

Love you a little bit more
I love you a little bit more when you call me baby ,
I love you a little bit more when you hold my hand ,
I love you a little bit more when you hug me ,
I love you a little bit more . Every day .
If I never met you , I wouldn't like you .If I didn't like you I wouldn't love you .If I didn't love you I wouldn't miss you .But I did , I do and I always will---If loving you is wrong, then I don't want to be right!---If loving you is a crime. I'd like to be jailed for my whole life, in your heart.---I love you. Like a fat kid loves cakes.---If you have 1000 years of age , I just want to have 999 years and 364 days , so I never have to live a day without you
I Love Thee
I Love thee , I love but thee . With a love that shall not die . Till the sun grows cold , and the stars grow old .
Wouldn't be
The sun wouldn't be Red , the sea wouldn't be blue , the stars wouldn't be bright , I wouldn't be happy without you .
When I don't message you
When I don't message you .Doesn't mean .I forgot about you .I was just giving you time .To miss me .----My love for you is a journey . Starting at forever and ending at never .---My love is as boundless as the sea ,My love as deep .The more I give to thee , the more I have . For both are infinite .
Days without you
Without you my days are "Sadday,"Moanday, "Tearsday, "Wasteday, "Thirstday, "Fightday", and "Shatterday"
How Rich I Am
I opened my wallet and I find it empty , reached into my pocket and found a few coins , searched my heart and I found you !Then I realized how rich I am .
Time to Time
365Days dreaming of you8760Hr thinking of you525600Mins missing you315360000Milisec just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me
Fell from Heaven
Dear , did it hurt when you fell from Heaven ? I think , I need to call God because He have lost His most beautiful Angel .
Behind you
Behind your smile , I know there are sorrows .Behind your laughters , I know there are tears .But I want you to know that , behind you is me who always care for you .
Only one you
There are 12 Months in a year4 weeks in a month7 days in a week24 Hrs in a day But there's only one you in a life time.
The sweetest
Sweet-Cotton candy ? Nope !Chocolate syrup ? Nah !Let me see . How about sugar ? Of course not !There is nothing as sweet as you

New hair . -.-'

Ugly ugly uglyyyyyyyyyyy , -.-' OUHH YAA . btw thanks papa buat hair sha okayy . i do love you more , today papa dah abs duit kat sha byk kann . but papa yg nk buat kan . okayokay :) happy gilaa . act sory kat putry aku leave kau , yelaa papa bising koyd tunggu kau sygg . papa mana bole tggu ny , soryyy baby , chilla :) ily papa <33>


Let's ask me anyting ? don't give me stupidosss question okay babe :) http://www.formspring.me/tasyatisyatisyu

Stick up for you when you're being put down . Will always have your Back , Deserve all your trust and love , Can make you laugh whenever , Don't care it you're crazy or quiet , Will never judge you , Will never put you down , Don't care wht others think about you , Will LOVE you forever , Me and You are friend ,A memory lasts FOREVER , never does it DIE .... You my true friend stay TOGETHER and never say GOODBYE , thanks you everythings dear :) ilovveyoumore and more Apis <33>

Twins twins

NUR SYAFIKA LIANA , my true twins okay :)) she always make me happy , sad , laugh and moree . nobody cant leave me and you dear , remember tht . Iloveyou minahci binti macha . HAHA ((; muahhhhh bantut <33

Shayne Ward - No Promises Lyrics


B , thanks a lots dear . nice songg . you make me love you more than you love me. when i listen this song i'm crying . thanks againn . I GOT A FEELING :) imysomuch b ....

Examm -.-'

OHHH MYYY ! swear tk open buku douh after holiday , Grr -.-' i do hate EXAM ! sch suckkk , wht everr , LOSERRRRRR .

My baby you

As i look into your eyes
i see all the reasons why
my life's worth a thousand skies
you're the simplest love i've known
and the purest one i'll own
know you'll never be alone
my baby you
are the reason i could fly
and 'cause of you
i don't have to wonder why
baby you
there's no more just getting by
you're the reason i feel so alive
though these words i say are true
they still fail to capture you
as mere words can only do
how do i explain that smile
and how it turns my world around
keeping my feet on the ground
i will soothe you if you fall
i'll be right there if you call
you're my greatest love of all
arianna i feel so alive ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Fall in love

when i saw you, i scared talk to youu

when i talked to you,

i scared to kiss you,

when i first kissed you,

i scared to love you

when i love you,

i scared to lose you baby

if you love me like you told me. be careful with my heart. you can take it, just don't break it, because my world fall apart <3