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6/5 . ;')

Sweet Heart +

B soryyy wishh lambatt , sebenar nyaa bby dah smngatt nk wishh . thennn boleh pulaa tertidur . Pundekk betol ! GRRR --' tensionnn jehhh . pastooo bby bgun tidur 1misscall dri Ayiee husband and 1 msg inbox . Dgnn mmbukaaa nyaa , Omggg sweet nyaa b . Bby nangiss sayangg if b nk tahuu , terharuuu gilaaaaa sayangggg . ;( happyyy gilaa bacaaa .

Happy One Month Anniversery Honey ! :) Hope we will last longer forever sayang . Forgive me , if B ada salah silap dekat bby . Halal kan apa yang bby bagi kat B , and B pun halalkan apa yang B pernah bagi kat bby :) I love you sweet heart . No matter what will happen , i will always be with baby . I miss you dear , Muahhhhh ! :*

Ayie & tasya

Auwww , so sweettttttttttttt sayanggg . Terharuu nyaa bacaa . tenangg jehh bacaa . Hee :P Thnks for everything sayanggg . I Love Youuu Moree and moreee sweet heart . Yes Sayang, I cant live without you .You know that I love you. please forgive me that All problem I do About you Dear . please expect my Apologize.really don't want to lost you b .cz you are my love ,i really mean you b , Please don't go from my heart and my life if you go , I don't want to live in this world Anymore .Only your love holds the key to my heart .I want all of you forever , you and me , every day ..I PROMISE TO ALWAYS LOVE YOU . So , please don't break it .ILOVEYOUU SO MUCHH SAYANGG <33>
Muahhhh ! muaahhh ! :*
Sincere ; Tasya & Ayieee